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Last NameFirst NameThesis topic YearDegree
AndersonCamilleThe Role of Protein-Protein Interactions in the Phase Behavior of Aqueous Protein Solutions2001PhD
AndersonCamilleProtein-Protein Interactions in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions from Osmotic Pressure Measurement 1997MS
AntonoplisRobertHigh Pressure HCl conversion of Cellulose to Glucose1981MS
ArnoldFrancesEngineering Scale Up of Affinity Chromatography1985PhD
ArnoldMartinCellulase Production1984MS
AtreyaMeeraEngineering cellulases for bioenergy2015PhD
BaerZacharyABE fermentation and chemical catalysis for biofuels prodction2014PhD
BakerJohnEquilibrium Swelling Properties of Ionized Hydrogels1993PhD
BakerJohnHydrophilic Gels for Biochemical and Biomedical applications1989MS
BarronAnneliseCapillary Electrophoresis of DNA in Uncrosslinked Polymer Solutions1995PhD
BehrensSusanMass Transfer Effects in Affinity Chromatography1990PhD
BenderJeanOsmotic Pressure Measurements of Chymotrypsin Association in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions1992MS
BeverungChristopherDynamics of Protein and Polypeptide Adsorption at the Oil/Water Interface1996MS
BeynonRebeccaThermodynamics of Aqueous Two Phase Polymer Solutions1987MS
BhavarajuMurthiBubble Breakup in Air Sparged Reactors1978PhD
BlasicMichaelMetabolic engineering of breast cancer cells2003MS
BoydBrooksHigh Frequency Alternating Cross Field Gel Electrophoresis for DNA Separation1998PhD
CarandangFrancisProtein Diffusivity in Polyacrylamide Gels from Optical Fiber Measurements1992MS
Cascao-PereiraLuisAdsorption of proteins at liquid interfaces2002PhD
CellmerTroyProtein aggregation2005PhD
ChouLorettaBuffer Effects on Aqueous Swellilng Kinetics of Polyelectrolyte Gels1991MS
CoenChristopherSalt-induced Precipitation of Proteins1992PhD
ColacoMartinBiomimetic materials PhD
ColacoMartinBiomineralization: Templated growth of inorganic materials using nanostructured DNA scaffolds2008PhD
CreaghLouiseEnzymatic Reactions in Reverse Micelles1992PhD
CurtisRobinMolecular Thermodynamics of Proteins in Aqueous Solutions of Concentrated Electrolytes 2001PhD
CurtisRobinProtein-Protein and Protein-Salt Interactions in Concentrated Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions1996MS
CusterLindaPhysiological Studies of Hybridoma Cultivaton in Hollow Fiber Bioreactors1988PhD
DanaCraigHigh-Throughput Solid-Substrate Cellulolytic Screens and Directed Evolution of Improved Cellulases2013PhD
DelfinoThomasConversion of Xylose to Ethanol by Bacillus mascerans 1981MS
DoveGeorgeProcess Development Studies for the Enhanced Recovery of Cellulase in Cellulose Hydrolysis1981MS
DrapeauDenisPlant Cell cultures for Biosynthesis of Chemical Products1986PhD
EggersDarylSynthesis of Tryptophan in Non-Aqueous Solvents1987MS
ElzufonBetsyThe Kinetics of Endogluconase and its Relation to Cellulose Hydrolysis1983MS
FalendarCorinneChemical and Enzymatic Synthesis of Biomimetic Polyamides1995MS
FernandezMirthaEnzymatic Synthesis of Unnatural Oligopeptides1992PhD
FerreeSeanThe Hydrodynamics of DNA Electrokinetic Stretch and Relaxation2004PhD
FloundersWilliamFabrication of Exposed Gate Field Effect Transistors for Sensor Applications 1992PhD
ForbesNeilCharacterization of Hormone Response of Breast Cancer by Metabolic Flux Analysis2000PhD
FoxJeromeThe mechnaism of cellulase action2014PhD
GalitskyChristinaDynamics of Protein Adsorption at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces1999MS
GentileMarie-PierrePhysiological Study of Violaxanthin Producer Nannochloropsis gaditana in Closed Biosystems2000MS
GiradetAnne MarieMetabolism of Xylose by thermophilic bacteria1985MS
GriffithLindaKinetics and Growth of Anchorage-Dependant Cells1988PhD
GrigsbyJohnMolecular Thermodynamics of Protein Phase Behavior in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions2001PhD
GuinnRobert MarkChemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Novel Polyamides1992PhD

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