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Last NameFirst NameThesis topic YearDegree
RamelmeierAndrewCholesterol Oxidation in Non-Aqueous Solvents1989PhD
RandophTheodoreEnzymatic Reactions in Supercritical Solvents1987PhD
RathboneStevenThermodynamics of Aqueous Two Phase Systems containing Polymers and Proteins1989MS
ReichmuthDavidMcrobial Desulfurization of Oils2002PhD
ReichmuthDavidBiodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene1998MS
RocheChristineExpression and Engineering of Cellulase Enzymes in Fungal Systems2014PhD
RofflerSteven Fermentation and Recovery of Organic Acids1986PhD
RumschitzkiDavidOn the Theory of Multiple Steady States in Isothermal CSTRs with Mass Action Kinetics1984PhD
RumschitzkiDavidSome Results on the Dynamics of Open Isothermal Chemical Networks1980MS
San MartinRicardoEnzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Materials for Sugar production1984MS
SassiAlexanderSolute Partitioning in Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels1994PhD
Shih EricCharacterization of Protein Precipitation through the Salting-Out Effect1991MS
ShillKierstonEnzymatic Hydrolysis of Ionic Liquid Pretreated Biomass2013PhD
SunadaWadeCapillary Electrophoresis of DNA in Dilute Polymer Solutions1999PhD
SundquistJonEthanol Production in Clostridium thermosulfuricum1987PhD
TaylorJasonChemoEnzymatic Synthesis of Polyamides Containing Unnatural Amino Acids1994MS
TeskeChristopherChromatographic studies of protien interactions2003PhD
TuckerSeanCell Cycle Regulation and Protein Phoisphorylation Signals in Hybridomas1993MS
TupyMichaelProtein Adsorption Dynamics at the Oil/Water Interface as Studied by TIRFS1998PhD
Vick RoyBruceLactic Acid Production in Membrane Fermenters1983PhD
Voogt JasonSeparation of poly unsaturated fatty acids2005PhD
WaldStephenEnzymatic Hydrolysis of Rice Straw for Ethanol production1981MS
WalterJamesBubble Breakup and Mass Transfer in Gas Liquid Contactors1983PhD
WendorfJanetProtein stabilization at solid interfaces2004PhD
WicklundKimberlyEffect of Glucose and Hypoxia on Tamoxifen Response of MCF7 Human Breast Cancer Cells in Microcarrier Culture2001PhD
WileyDaleEnzymatic Degradation of Cellulose1985PhD
WilliamsRichardCovalent Immobilization of Protein Monolayers for Biosensor Applications1994PhD
WolskiPaulCellulase activity in ionic liquids2014PhD
WongHarryEthanol Fermentation1983PhD
YeeLauraHeterologous Expression of a Eukaryotic Serine Protease in High Density Cultures of E. coli1992MS
YinJohnCadmium Removal from Wastewaters1988PhD
YoonHeeYoungDynamic Interactions in Mixed Microbial Cultures 1977PhD

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