I am working (or have worked) very closely with the following

Ph. D. Students: 

  • Muhammad Hasyim
  • Yannick Omar
  • Cory Hargus
  • Ahmad Alkadri
  • Alison Lui (Co-advised by Prof. Markita Landry)
  • Zach Lipel (Co-advised by Prof. Rui Wang)
  • Alhad Deshpande (Co-advised by Prof. Karthik Shekhar)
  • Joshua Fernandes (Co-advised by Prof. Karthik Shekhar)


  • Dr. Hyeongjoo Row 
  • Dr. Dimitrios Fraggedakis (Miller Post-doc Fellow) 

Undergraduate Researchers:

  • Ravtej Kaur

Other Active Co-workers: 

  • Tyler Kharazi

My Previous Co-workers:

  • Amaresh Sahu (Ph. D. in Chemical Engg.)              Asst. Prof. at UT Austin (to join in 2024)
  • Jeffrey Epstein (Ph. D. in Physics)                           Quantum Applications Engineer @ Atom Computing
  • Clay Batton (Ph. D. in Chemical Engg.)                   Post-doctoral scholar @ Stanford (Chemistry)
  • Kara Fong (Ph. D. in Chemical Engg.)                     Asst. Prof. at Caltech (to join in 2025) 
  • Vida Jamali (Post-doc)                                             Asst. Prof. at Georgia Institute of Technology 
  • Joel Tchoufag (Post-doc)                                         R&D Scientist at Michelin, France
  • Shachi Katira (Post-doc)
  • Pushpita Ghosh (Post-doc)                                      Asst. Prof (Chemistry) IISER Thiruvananthapuram, India
  • Alexander Hudson (Post-doc)                                  Data Scientist @ Uber
  • Sho Takatori (Miller Post-doc Fellow)                       Asst. Prof. at UC Santa Barbara
  • Katherine Klymko (Post-doc)                                    Staff Scientist in Algorithms Group NERSC @ LBNL
  • Bernardo Gouveia (Undergraduate)                          Pursuing Ph. D. at Princeton University (Chemical Engineering)
  • Chatipat Loraipaboon (Undergraduate)                    Pursuing Ph. D. at U. Chicago (Chemistry)
  • Zihan Wang (Undergraduate)
  • Alec Glisman (Undergraduate)                                  Pursuing Ph. D. at Caltech (Chemical Engineering)
  • Micheal Li (Undergraduate)                                       Pursuing Ph. D. at MIT (Chemical Engineering)
  • Lewis Pan (Undergraduate)                                       Pursuing Ph. D. at UC Berkeley (Appplied Mathematics)

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